Hai !!! Selamat membaca..! Semoga menginspirasi...

Hold my hand Tight!

Hold my hands tight!
please don't let me go!
I need you my sweet angel,
you the only one my reason to be happy,
you are my light when I walk in the darkness,
you are my stick which help me to stay fit in my broken leg,
you the personality of the aprodite,
the god of love..
You the one which God send when I was lost,
You my destination, my final destination
I lost without you...
Please...hold my hand tight!
don't let me go!
I live with memory of you in my mind,
I live with the sadness of the farewell party that's not supposed to happen,
I live with the big dispointed that you,
my sweet little angel...
Let me go...in distract
Everytime I ask my self...
Do I still can see the morning sunlight tommorow?
or my day just end in the way...the darkness come?
The night is not beautiful any more,
The star wave it's light, asking me to join him in the dakness,
I live with memory that will never die,
memory of you my sweet little ange;...
no more shout, no more sad...
only star and the fountain of light
I'll waiting for you there....

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