The funny solace

When was a kid, little May always looked at high-flying birds in the sky with envy and jealousy. Because of her love to May, the grandmother was forced to maintain a pair of pigeons which eventually multiply into dozens of pigeons. Every morning the little May had the duty to spread seeds of maize to feed the pigeons. Her Jealousya deepened. Why bird can fly, while she does not? The grand ma who is very dear to the little May, did not want her incessant complaining, can only be consoled by saying, "It's terrible worry, if God wills you can fly, surely He will give you wings."Now, the kid has grown. Her determination to be able to fly higher, but hopes that god will give him wings fade. Actually she was confused too, if he had wings, he would need a special designer for designing outfitnya. From where he had the money to pay, if it works just daydreaming and fantasizing while expecting the coming of Laylatu qodar. Every time a plane passed, would gaze wistfully. Her Dear Grandma already facing the divine. But the big May have true friend who always loyal to accompany. For May heartening, the friend could only entertain by saying, "Do not worry, if God wants you to be able to fly, surely He will give you tickets."Now, May is in dilemma. Confused! do not know which to at selected if God gave him two options for flying ==> Wings or Ticket?Hukum kekekalan cinta
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