Lambaian hati

Lampung barat is a beautiful place. Surrounding by the Bukit Barisan forest makes it amazing and magnificent. You can get anything over here.

And the hill near the water fall is my favorit resting places. Lampung barat I talking about is Sumberjaya. Where the green forest line up from south to north, from west to east. The weather so cool and fresh. Especially when the coffee flower bloosom in the morning while the dew hangging on the leaf waiting for sunlight to evaporate it back into mist.

I have Amnesia Selective. I forgot almost everything but I couldn't not forget Sumberjaya. Here I grown up from little girl to a teenager. My school was , there was many memory but only one left, about my bestfriend.
Last time I don't know her very well, even now, but I still think about her, she is my first best friend. Her name NURDALILAh. Do you know her? Send my best regard to her, tell her...what have done is done. We have to move on, how can we makes a new memory if alway remember the past? Sound like me ya...! I always dig the past. Because only there I feel peace, happines...oups it doesn't mean I 'm not happy right now, but is different. Its kind like this, long time ago we ride ungly bicycle to school, now I can buy a nice pretty bicycle, but the ugly bicycle worth anything for me, because I have it when I was need it....r u get it? Me neither.

My senior high school is SMU sumberjaya. That was my worst ever ever memory. I ruined alot of thing that time. Lucky I forgot half about it. I 'm a ugly ducking. Everyone laugh at me and made me a joke. Included my new best friends. But I forgot their names.

But it's bo matter. Their can laugh until their heads explode, it won't bother me. I'm different person now. Sumberjaya made me be a different person, the memory...always here even I couldn't remember all. But still here....

So if you come to sumberjaya, please welcome.....be guest!
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