Touch the Cloud...with love

I'm not a good guy. Far from perfect. But doesn't means I don't know what is love. Love in my heart..I guess..deeper than I IMG_0197 thought. I never think that I in love with someone if I stay with them. But once they are not around me...I'll miss them. Miss them so much.

I remember what Kahlil Gibran said " no distance in love". But my love come in opposite way. I realize I'm in love..if the distance is already appear between me and them.

Am I stupid? I guess so.

My love is like cloud. Nothing can see when we so close. Just cold feeling and humid. But when far away.....its look so beautiful...white clouds in the blue sky.  Ohhhh....I'm such a stupid idiot..person. I can touch love....I just can see it...from far..far..away... when my hand couldn't reach it. want touch the cloud...the shiny bright white clouds in blue sky with my my heart...with love....

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