For the love that never last forever

Imagine when you sit on the sand in the beach. what you looking for? the wave of the sea? or the foam on the sand? what more important than the love that never you get if you just only go and gone by love that  never last forever in your bizarre love?

What happen if your love one is just only singing song of sadness in the middle of the night when the star never appear in night sky...? when the wind stop blowing.. and the howl of the fox in the forest make the night air full of creep.

The song of live never far from that only live. Even if the true real the wrong in the middle of the night when you sleep without dream..and the night goes without the clock bell. You still there. Singing the song of sadness. Like Achilles when he know where his live will end. But the spirit of the warrior never let you be a coward.

you will be yourself. Even if the night never come and the dawn never appear. I love you in the way you love me. More and less. but the most important is ...the meaning of the love. When the sky never change its color from blue to green....

but loved you never know...thinking  of there is love in your eyes.... but we never be new.we will grow old and old every time
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