Don't ever say good bye

But we have to! So easy to say good bye.  Just wave your hand and say...." Bye..bye..!" Done. After that what?  Lucky if we can meet again, if not....?
Ired_rose2[1] don't like to say good bye. But out of my intentions...I said this words more than other. ..bye here...bye there...
I'm in melancholic mood now. I just said good bye to my beloved one. The one who always make my day full of flower and butterfly. The one who always hug me and me... true or not...but I like to heard it. She is my angel. The only one that I ever love in this kind of love. The one that's not mine...but I scared to loose her.
This good forever.  I will never meet her again. I can't hug her again... touch her hair with love.... or ever think if she is mine. Because she is not. And never be... but she will always in my heart.
This farewell death farewell. The different is both of us still alive. But the chance to meet again is zero. She will live forever in mind. But for her....I already die.  She will remember me....I'm sure...but not more... love...., thousand time....farewell... but like what Kahlil Gibran said in his Garden of Prophet   "I measured not my longing with the starry rod, nor did I sound the depth thereof. For love when love is homesick exhausts time’s measurements and time’s soundings."
There is no distance in love. Only when we forgot the space will appear.
Farewell my love....thousand time farewell......
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